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  • Lead Pastor: david mcpherson

    David McPherson is ECC’s Lead Pastor.  Growing up in deep south Louisiana, he still loves a good crawfish etoufee!  After serving in churches in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and missionary service in Grenada and Austria, he and his family moved from Tennessee in 2002 to start Eldorado Community Church. “I knew God intended for us to start something that would connect people to a faith community that pursued an authentic relationship with God through Jesus.  …a church for burned-out’s and never-been’s. …a place where everyone’s on that journey to find genuine grace and hope and truth.”

    David’s background in landscape architecture, music, and raku pottery lends itself to creative ways to get a handle on the truths of the Bible.  “God is Creator, and therefore creative. So finding creative ways through art and story and multimedia and object lessons is part of how I communicate the eternal truths of God. Eldorado and Santa Fe are a great fit for me to utilize those things.”

  • worship leader: roxann woodward

  • children's ministry co-directors:

    Phyllis rowe & Tama Dumlao

  • Administrative Assistant: Connie Mitchell