SMALL groups: 

SImply DoinG Life...Together!

Is community important? Of course! When we meet with one another in close-knit community, there is spiritual growth that transforms us! There is something powerfully unique about an intimate gathering around a living room, or a dining room table that allows us to share differently than when we are in a large room for worship. 

  • Personal discovery

    Richer, deeper personal discovery happens in LifeGroups. You can learn, ask questions, involve yourself in the lives of others, and generally make yourself vulnerable in a safe environment among other people who are doing the same. . We  just can't do that in sermons. Spiritual growth happens better with each other, in community, with open lines of communication and freedom to speak into one another's lives.

  • Deeper friendships

    Deeper friendships and accountability are created as well. When people know you - really know you - your life becomes far richer and open. Others learn to know the real you, creating opportunities to encourage you through real-life difficulties and victories.  This is what we should expect from good friends!


    TOPIC:  “What on Earth Am I Here For?”

    Mary Southall                          

    7 Azul Ct, Eldorado 87508                  

    Monday 9 a.m.

    Brigitte Probst  (WOMEN”S GROUP) 

    3B Wilder Ln, Santa Fe                        

    Monday 6 p.m.     

    Ken & Sabine Stanley           

    3249 Casa Rinconada, Santa Fe                  

    Tuesday 6 p.m.

    June Camarer        

    1 Azul Place, Eldorado 87508                  

    Tuesday 6:30p.m.                  

    Greg & Marilyn Wightman & Allen & Jane Baker   

    6 Herrada Pl, Eldorado  87508     

    Tuesday 6:30

    Tom & Mary Ellen Donat    

    10 Azul Loop, Eldorado 87508           

    Thursday 6:30 p.m.

    EJ & Katy Martin   

    3 Cerrado Dr, Eldorado                

    Friday 6 p.m.

    Ron & JoAnn Pomeroy           

    27 Moya Loop, Eldorado 87508     

    Wednesday 6:30 p.m.

    Michael & Krista Rogers           

    2 Sombra Ct, Eldorado  87508                                      

    Friday 6:30 p.m.

    Myles Stevens and Alan Henson            

    342 Aspen Rd, Glorieta  NM

    Tuesdays  6:30p.m.