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Sunday services @ 9 and 11 am

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give thanks to the Lord for he is good!

Let's come together church family to be a blessing to others at this Thanksgiving!

All donations to be received by/on Sunday, November 14th.


Our First Community Cookbook!

Pomegranate Arts Ministry is publishing a fundraising cookbook filled with our church family's favorite recipes. We would love to include a favored dish from every one of our families. Submission forms are available at the church. Please submit by November 15th! Contact Judy or Tama  for more information .


Message Series

Check out our latest inspiring and encouraging talks designed to bring you closer to God and to help thrive throughout the week!

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We’re a family built upon the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

The true heart of God is revealed in Jesus. He’s not some distant or angry God, sternly keeping score to take you out of the game because you’ve fallen short. No! the Bible communicates that He’s a God who loves you, whose arms are open wide welcoming people from all backgrounds and walks of life to come on home.

God’s love is big enough, strong enough, and kind enough to set our lives right again, no matter what we’ve been through.

We are a community that functions as a life-giving family because God has made us one through His grace. Our church feels like a family, functions like a family, and loves like a family. We go-all-out, that we might love our Lord and each other well, and experience the warmth and reality of Heaven’s goodness right here on earth, together!

Guy & Jen

We are so grateful to be a part of this community that God has called us to. This ministry is committed to helping all people experience the unconditional love and unending hope found only in Christ. It is our heart's desire to share the Love of Christ and His Kingdom here on earth and to see that expressed within a community living a life that is fully alive.