Women's Devotional

It's Time f
or our Women's Daily Devotional
done "together." 

Tuesday, January 19- Saturday, January 23rd

It was quite a year in 2020. I believe that we have all been struggling with staying connected to God and staying connected to each other during such extraordinary times. Which is why we are pressing in during this PURSUIT WEEK!

We are excited to be launching a new Women's Daily Devotional, utilizing the YouVersion Bible phone app.
This is a great way for us to do a daily devotional, from our home in our own time, but with our fellow ECC Women!
Each day of the plan, you will be given a devotional, scripture, and an option to post comments or thoughts on the group's "Talk It Over" conversation page.

The first devotional we will be doing together is titled "FLOURISH In Prayer", planned for January 19, through the 23rd.
But remember, you can start/stop the plan whenever its convenient to you!

Check below for directions and images to help you get started!

Group Devotional

Join us on the YouVersion Bible App for this

5 Day Devotional